Free minute has stood out and you have truly got to a rest room. Who knows as to work, knows and how correctly to have a rest. We suggest to spend time behind solving of crossword puzzles.


Food items


Across: 1. Small whitish vegetables, served in a tomato sauce 4. Two slice of bread with a filling between them. 6. Orange jam 8. Drink to finish a meal with 10. Put this in your drink on a hot day 11. A tart upside down 12. Drink made in a brewery 14. A cup that does not need a saucer 15. Kind of potato associated with 9 down in a classic English meal 17. Parsley is one, so is basil 18. Sometimes eaten as a pudding, or else used to thicken soup or casseroles 20. Dried plum 22. Britain's favourite hot drink 26. Where people cook 28. Antonym of stay 29. The most common kind of fruit grown in England 32. Prepare a table for a meal 33. Vegetable similar to a pea; popular in Britain, in tomato sauce 34. Synonym of mutton. 35. Hot pot of meat and vegetables 36. Popular breakfast cereal

Down: 1. A meal combining breakfast and lunch 2. Evening meal 3. Waiters do this 4. Used for weighing ingredients, when cooking 5. America's favorited food, maybe? 7. Very small piece of bread. 9. A salmon in one, so is a sardine 11. Utensil for cooking in or making souce in 13. The flesh of an animal as food 16. A slice of beef, usually grilled 19. It is often eaten at tea time 21. Cereal much used in Oriental cooking 23. People often wear this when working in the kitchen 24. A form in which corn is often eaten  25. Gastropods much appreciated in France 27. Material. The opposite of psychic 30. White crystals used in food 31. Meat taken from a young cow

Answer key:

Across: 1. Bakedbeans 4. Sandwich 6. Marmelade 8. Coffee 10. Ice 11. Pie 12. Beer 14. Mug 15. chips 17. Herb 18. Tapioca 20. Prune 22. Tea 26. Kitchen 28. Run 29. Apples 32. Lay 33. Bean 34. Lamb 35. Stew 36. Cornflakes
Down: 1. Brunch 2. Dinner 3. Serve 4. Scales 5. Hamburger 7. Crumb 9. Fish 11. Pan 13. Meat 16. Steak 19. Cake 21. Rice 23. Apron 24. Flakes 25. Snails 27. Hylic 30. Salt 31. Veal