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Tatar cuisine

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            We offer to your attention the program Tatar cuisine
            You will find in the program located in a format convenient for the wide user recipes and photos of dishes of national Tatar cuisine, and also set of a good advice necessary for each house culinary specialist.

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   Year of release: 2013.
   The version:
   Platform: Windows All
   License: Freeware
   Language: English
   Size: 2,478 Mb


Long since Tatars are famous for the culinary art. National Tatar cuisine makes the life of this great nation richer and more important. Even with up to Mongolian times Tatars are settled way of life which is based on the agriculture and that is why so rich Tatar cuisine products from the dough. Perhaps no kitchen in the world can boast of such a love for a piece of bread. Not the less diverse Tatar cuisine and meat dishes on which its imprint left the neighborhood with the nomadic tribes and religious peculiarities of people. The Tatars do not prepare pork but not the best masters in the processing of horse meat, mutton and beef.
The program "the Tatar cuisine" is designed to help people closer get acquainted with the one of the most exciting and diverse cuisine of the peoples of Russia.
Bon appetite!!!
The list of the used literature:
     J.A.Ahmetzjanov, the Tatar dishes, 1969
     Kitchens of nations of the world, volume 22, Tatar cuisine, publishing house "Direkt-media"
     Ilya Lazerson, Tatar cuisine, 2005, Tsentropoligraf

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