Tatar national musical instruments

musical instruments

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Only few Tatar national musical instruments are used presently. Much bigger popularity musical instruments of the European origin possess (a mandoline, a violin, single-row button accordion, a guitar). However and today impossible for itself to present the Tatar holidays without Kuraj, Kubyz or Dumbyra.
You will find Tatar national instruments in the presented collection, such as Psaltery - the most ancient tool known since Bulgaria Great, Kuraj - the ancient wind instrument similar to a longitudinal flute, Kubyz - self-sounding musical instrument, Dumbyra - the string musical instrument, Sornaj - a wind instrument traditionally made of a horn, Def - percussion national instruments. Pictures with national instruments from excavation (kyngyrau, tawyshly asma, tash sybyzgy, sholder,  etc.) and pictures of modern Tatar musical instruments (single-row button accordion, a mandoline etc.)
Many Tatar national musical instruments have been lost and today endure a new birth. Sornaj, Kuraj, Dumbyra, Mandolines, National violins, the Tatar psaltery are exposed in the State national museum of Tatarstan, museums of Kazan, Almetyevsk, Moscow, St.-Petersburg, etc.

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