Baursak or boortsoq

Baursak or boortsoq


In ware to let out eggs, to pour milk, to add oil, granulated sugar, salt and yeast. The mix is good to the full dissolution of sugar, salt and yeast. Then to enter the sifted flour and knead dough. It should be softer, than dough for house noodles. To take dough pieces on 100-150 g, to unroll their thin sausages and to cut slices in size about a wood nut. Slices to ship in boiling oil and, stirring slowly, to fry to a ruddy crust.
Ready boortsoq to decant in a colander, to allow to flow down to fat. Baursak moves on a table the cold. It is good to take it in road.

On 1 kg of a flour: 10 pieces of eggs, 130-140 g milk, 30-35 g to sugar, 30 g melted butter, 5 g yeast, salt, oils for frying 180-200

Baursak with katyk.

Prepare yeasty dough, do balls in size about a walnut cut. Balls are fried in hot fan, then them take out from fat and cool. Balls put in bowl or a soup plate, fill in katyk and submit on a table.

Baursak (dough with a liver)

Yeast dough is put. The liver (Baur in Tatar a liver), passed through a meat grinder and add to the dough. Ready dough unroll and cut balls in size about a walnut.
Ready balls fry in hot fan and submit on a table with katyk.

On 600-650 g flour: 6-8 pieces of eggs, 150 g milk, 30 g to sugar, 30 g melted butter, 5 g yeast, salt, 400 g a boiled liver, for frying 200-250 г oils.


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