Rada Nigmatullina

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An author of sculptures is the honoured worker of arts, folk artist, laureate of state Prize Republic of Tatarstan  Rada  Nigmatullina
Rada Nigmatullina is an author of row of considerable works in a monumental, decorative, machine sculpture, the genre plastic arts.

on was April, 14, 1931 born in to Kazan.
1954 year - finished Kazan artistic school.
1960 year - finished the Leningrad institute of painting, sculptures and architectures the name of I. Repin
1971 is a member of Union of artists of the USSR.
1984 a year is the Honoured worker of arts RT.
2002 a year is the Folk artist RT.
2007 a year is a laureate of the State Prize RT the name of Tukaj.

Lives and works in to Kazan

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