Shakir Muhamedzhanov


Muhamejanov Shakir Nigmatovich (born on the 1st of January 1900 in the village of Tokmak of Ihe Semirechensk oblasl, now the Republic of Kyrgyzstan, died on the 22nd of October 1972 in Kazan) is a graphic artist, a book designer, a polygraphs worker. He became a member of the Union of artists of the Tatar Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic in 1936 (he had a membership card №1). He was also a member of the Association of Artists of revolutionary Russia (AARR)
In 1920-1924 Shakir was a student of workers' courses run by Tashkent University; then he entered Ihe medical faculty of Kazan University. In 1925 he transferred to the Kazan art-and-architecture workshops (which since 1925 became the Kazan art-and-theatre technical secondary school); he graduated from the graphic arts department with honours in 1929. From 1931 to 1960 (the year when he retired on a pension) Sh Muhamejanov worked for the Tatar Publishing House in the capacity of the chief of the graphic arts editonal board. He did a great deal of organizational work to unite the Kazan graphic artists and illustrators into a closely-knit team. Many of them received their initial schooling in book designing from Shakir Nigmatovich. He was actively engaged in artistic book design whilst working as an innovator in the field of lithography. We was granted numerous awards by the management of the Publishing House. Muhamejanov was one of the prime movers in the run-up to the founding of the Union of artists of Tatarstan. He was a member of the Organizing bureau of the Council of the Union of the Artists of TASSR (1935) and then went on to become a member of Ihe first Board of Administration of Ihe Union (1936 - 1938). During Ihe Great Patriotic War he was on active service in the 25th special chemical defence battalion of the first Byelorussian front. He was engaged in fighting in the territory of Poland and Germany and finally reached Berlin (1943 - 1945).

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