Work done, have your fun

A fair warm day and, by the window glass,
A small Boy's reading for tomorrow's class.
And through the window glass there calls the Sun;
«Come out, my Boy! Stop reading! Have some fun!»
The Nightingale sings from the nearby tree:
«Come on, my Boy, come out, have fun with me!»
The Apple-tree, that in the garden stands,
Says: «Boy, have fun, you'll later make amends!»
«No», says the Boy, «I'11 catch up with the fun,
I'll never play until my work is done».
The Apple-Tree insists: «You've had your way,
Don't toil inside — it's such a pleasant day!»
«Just wait for me, be patient, Tree and Sun;
No fun in playing games, when work's undone».
And when the child was through with all his work,
He left his books, went out for a walk:
«Hey! — said the Boy — who called for me today?
Through with my studies, I am free to play!»
The Sun then granted him his brightest smile;
The Apple-Tree gave him her nicest apple!
The Nightingale then sang his fairest song to him;
The trees bowed their heads in front of him.

tatar fairy tales