The Rain and the Sun

"For always shall I shine", the Sun has said,
"For I shall glow and never shall I set".

The Rain has said "I shall be pouring every day,
The black land shall be moist for I shall cry my way"

The Sun then has replied to him: "You're very wet,
You pour and dirty all things get.

And marshes then appear here and there,
All you know to make the dirt appear everywhere.

Because of all this moisture rot the crops,
And all men wish that you would stop".

The Rain then has replied: "You become hot,
You burn the crop down and destroy the lot".

Offended with the words the Sun's become,
All strength of heat and anger's lost the Sun.

He said: "A chance to ripen I give to the fruit,
Due to my shine all nature sees it's good".

"You help them ripen, — said the Rain,
But I'm the one who gives them water.

If I pour not, the gardens then will start to fade,
The meadows and the green land shall be withered".

The Sun and the Rain after arguing for hours,
After dishonoring and tarnishing each other,

Made peace at last and came up with a deal,
That never again shall one speak of another ill.

Thus, their arguing came to an end,
And then they have decided they would alternate.

The Sun has said: "I now shall shine only in my turn,
And you shall rain down gratefully in yours".

The Sun and the Rain from that day onward,
With no disturbance work on their own accord.

tatar fairy tales