The sun and the moon

Once upon a time the Sun and the Moon wanted to stay together in the sky side all the time. They invited all birds and animals to a meeting and asked for their opinion. No one objected, everyone spoke in favour. It was only the Bat who didn't agree.

- Why don't you agree? - they asked the Bat.
- Because if they both stay at one place, then the Wind will always blow in the same direction and trees will also grow crooked. Besides, the corn will grow in the sun and there will be no corn in the shade.
- It seems to be true, - said all birds and animals.

To prevent this, they made a new decision: the Sun and the Moon are to stay apart and to keep moving round the Earth. The Sun got very angry with the Bat and said:

- I won't let you appear in my presence!

As for the Moon, it was more even-tempered and didn't say anything. That's why the Bat doesn't appear at daytime, it is allowed to fly only at night. In the end all birds, and people too, were glad to see the Sun and the Moon going round the Earth. And the corn started growing very well!

tatar fairy tales

Tatar folk tale.
Translated from Tatar into English by Farida Sitdyjkova



There is a golden cradle in the Himalayan heights,
The one who sleeps in it is guarded through the night.
When the Sun is rising, the Wind is already there
Praising the Sun's entrance, the world must be aware.

The Wind serves as a herald whose duty is to say:
«The Sun's already up, greet another day!»

And when the Sun is out, performing his daily race,
Crescent, his young brother, takes the cradle's space.

Never left alone, he's surrounded by the stars,
Like the tiniest of torches, they shine from afar.

Crescent in the cradle sleeps for the entire night,
Till the Sun awakens Him with early morning light.

Day comes after night, brother comes after brother,
While one of them rests, he can count on the other.

tatar fairy tales



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