Stuffed goose

Stuffed goose

Goose fried, stuffed by apples

The processed goose to rub off from within and outside by salt and to stuff with the apples cleared from skin and a core and cut by segments. A cut in a paunch to sew up with a thread. In such kind of a goose to put on a back in a deep frying pan or poultry roaster, to add a half-glass of water and to fry in an oven, overturning from time to time, some times watering with the melted fat and juice. The goose is fried by 1-1,5 hours. Then to take out apples, a trunk to split, put in a plate and to impose with apples.

To a goose in weight in 3-3,5 kg to take 1-1,5 kg antonovka apples.


Goose stuffed by potato

Well washed out, processed trunk of a goose to fill in with hot water and to cook to semireadiness, then to take out from a broth and to rub outside and from within with salt and pepper.
Carcass of a goose to fill with the crude potato cut on halves.
To prepare unleavened dough, to unroll a layer in half-centimetre and to wrap in it a goose.
Trunk to place in special ware - poultry roaster, laid out from within a damp paper, from above to cover with the same paper, to cover and put in warmed up to 150-160 degrees an oven and to bake a goose within 2,5-3 hours.
From a ready goose carefully to take out a potato, a carcass together with the dough to split for the portions and to spread out on plates.
In each plate to add the potato which has been taken out from a carcass.

On one goose - 1,5-2 kg of a potato, the dough - 800-1000 g, salt, pepper.

goose neckStuffed goose neck

To process a trunk of a goose. To chop off as it is possible more long a neck, to remove from it a skin and to wash out by cold water. Then to dry it, to salt, pepper and put on a cold for 10-15 minutes.
To boil to semireadiness the touched rice washed out by hot water, to cast away on a sieve, to add the browned onions, butter, salt, pepper, a little broth.
The skin fastened from one end to fill with stuffing, without having reported on two fingers, and to fasten from other end. Received "sausage" to put in a pan, to fill in with a broth or water small amount and to cook to readiness. Then to put on an oil frying pan and to bake in an oven
Moves to a table in a hot kind.

On 2 goose necks: 1 table spoon of vegetable oil, 2 glasses of a meat broth, 2 table spoon butter, 2 large onions, 2 glasses of rice, salt, pepper.