Hen stuffed in tatar

stuffed hen

Tutyrgan tawyk

Tutyrgan tawyk (a hen, stuffed in Tatar). For stuffing the young hen, fat or average fatness undertakes.
Carefully to wash out a hen cold water. To make a cut on a paunch, to remove interiors. Cuts on a carcass to sew up with threads. In front, beginning from a mouth, carefully, separate a skin from carcass meat.
For stuffing hen, to take fresh eggs and to let out in separate ware, to add salt, pepper and carefully to mix by a wooden spoon. Then to pour in cream or whole milk and again to mix. If a hen not fat, in eggs possible to add a few butter. The received mix to pour in by a spoon between a skin and meat of a hen.
Having stuffed a hen, the aperture (in a skin) needs to be fastened strong by a white thread. That the skin has not burst and the form has remained, the hen should be turned in a napkin or a gauze and to lower in poorly boiling added some salt water.
It is necessary to watch closely how the stuffed hen cooks. It is necessary to cook on slow fire 1 — 1,5 hours. When the hen will be swell in a hot broth, a skin in several places pierce a thin needle and let the air out.
The ready hen is split into 4 parts and serve in a hot kind. It turns out two back legs and two breast which are filled by an omelette. It is possible to put the ready hen in an oven, to give to it will brown.
On a table a hen submit with a potato or boiled rice.

For stuffing hen 1-1,2 kg: 8-10 eggs, 50 g butter (if a hen not so fat), 150-200 g cream or milk, salt, pepper.

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