Ayran (a drink from katyk).

Ayran use, as a rule, in hot summer days. It can be submitted to a table with millet cereal or with mashed potatoes.
To pour in ware katyk and, stirring a wooden spoon, carefully to knead all lumps; having added in katyk the cooled boiled water, good to mix, and ayran is ready to the use.
For preparation ayran use the spring water, the cooled mineral waters. At will in ayran put granulated sugar or salt.

On 100 g katyk take 100 g cold water.


From the most ancient times koumiss is known among Tatars as a drink restoring force. Today the drink prepares basically in the medical purposes and consequently loses a secret of the preparation.
For koumiss undertakes filtered mare's milk, and added special ferment or good koumiss of the previous development (a half-glass on 1 litre of milk). All it well mixes up in a current of 20-30 minutes. The fermented milk densely close and put in a warm place at 3-5 o'clock, then again well disturb 20-30 minutes and in a warm place. Procedure is repeated by 3-4 times. 
After that koumiss spreads on bottles, is corked with stoppers and maintained from days to three. Before the use ready koumiss shake up before foam occurrence.
On 1 litre milk take half glass ferment
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