To prepare salma: to roll unleavened dough in plaits in an about 1 cm thick, cut marbles and to lick into to them the shape of "ears", pressing down a thumb the middle of every marble..

Prepared salma to boil to readiness in the added some salt water (12-15 minutes after emerging), after to cast aside on a colander, tuck in the melted butter.

To cut the boiled meat and heart slices cross-grained.  To clean onion and carrot, cut groups.

To lay out vegetables in a deep pan, to inundate clear soup,  to add the a bit melted butter, salt and pepper to liking, to extinguish to readiness 20-25 minutes.

To lay out collops and heart on the bottom of frying pan, from above to put salma, inundate a geared-up vegetable sauce, to cover a lid and to extinguish in a flow
15 minutes.  To serve a dish up hot.

Ingredients: a 400 g of the prepared unleavened dough, salt, 50 g of the melted butter, 600 g of the boiled beef, 300 g of the boiled beef heart, 2 onions,  1 large carrot, 1 glass of meat-stock, ground black pepper.