Duchmak with an egg

To divide the prepared unleavened dough to pieces for 100 g and to roll small cakes by a diameter 15-17 sm. to Raise the edges of dough, to pinch together in 4-6 places so that a hexahedron turned out. To lay the got form on the dry heated frying pan and hold for some time in a hot stove, that slightly hardened. Then to shift duchmaks on the oiled frying pan or tin sheet, to pour on them the raw eggs stirred in milk and here to put in a stove. Prepared duchmaks to serve up,  smearing oil.

on 1 duchmak: a 100 g of fresh dough, 2-3 eggs, 50 g of milk,  15 g of dairy butter.

Duchmak with a potato

To lot the prepared yeast dough weighing in 100 g and to roll small cakes. Raising edges, pinching dough in 4-6 places and on a dry frying pan  to bake. Then by oil frying pan, to lay filling on a hardening small cake, oil a top an egg and put duchmaks baked until done in a stove or oven. Prepared duchmaks to smear oil and to give on a table.
If duchmak is made out of fresh dough, it is possible previously not to bake. Filling prepares, as well as for peremech  with  a potato.

on 1 duchmak: a 100 g of dough, 150-170 g of the prepared mashed potatoes, 1/4 eggs, 15 g of dairy butter


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