Pilman (the Tatar equivalent of pelmeni) are a traditional dish in Tatar cuisine, where they have always been served with clear soup

It is unclear when pelman entered the cuisines of the indigenous Siberian people and when they first appeared in Tatar cuisine. One theory suggests that pelman, or stuffed boiled dumplings in general, originated in China (thus explaining the use of spices such as black pepper, which are not native to Tatarstan and had to be imported) and were carried by the Mongols to Siberia and the Urals, from where they gradually spread as far as Eastern Europe

Pilman with potato

To cook a potato, to pour out water and dry a little a bit on a fire. To crush a hard-baked potato in a wooden mortar, break up a raw egg there, to put oil, infuse into milk, salt, pepper. In the pounded potato it is possible to add the fried onions, and stuffing for the meat dumplings of goths
To roll dough not wiredrawn and to cut out a form on disk by a diameter in 6-7 см. On every disk to put little by little stuffing, to lay down a disk in half and pinch together the edges of dough. Not to connect tags - meat dumplings with a potato have a form of half moon.
To put meat dumplings into the boiling added some salt water or clear soup, boil and cast aside on a colander.

on a 1 portion: a 75 g of dough, 100 g of the potato stuffing, 30 g of sour cream, 25 g of oil