Tockmach do on clear soup from a beef, mutton, hen or turkey. He can be prepared with a potato or without a potato.

To wash down a potato, bow and carrot and clean. To cut a potato shallow bars. To cut bow and carrot a straw and to brown on vegetable oil. Clear soup to infuse into in a pan, take to boiling, put a potato, add some salt and cook during 10-15 minutes on a middle fire, after to add brown vegetables.  In a separate pan to boil the added some salt water,  put a noodle and cook 2-3 minutes, after to cast aside on a colander, give to water to flow. To add a noodle to soup and boil  thoroughly during 5-7 minutes after boil. To cut chicken meat small slices, to lay out on drinking bowls, inundate soup, pepper to liking and to serve a dish up hot, sprinkling with greenery.  
In prepared tockmach possible to add the pieces of the boiled egg.

Composition: 3-4 large potatoes, 2 middle bulbs, 1 middle carrot, 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil, 2 l of chicken clear soup, salt, 150 g of domestic noodle, 150 g of the boiled hen, ground black pepper, parsley, dill.