Qalca (meat loaf )


Qalca  (meat loaf from the fried and stewed meat)

Brisket to wash down, dry, release from bones, cut away tapes and superfluous fat so that there is a layer in no more than 2 sm. To salt meat to pepper to add vinegar and clean in a cold place on 3-4 hours.
To clean a garlic, pound. Layer of brisket again a bit salting, to pepper, is good to rub a garlic. To displace meat a meat loaf, to bandage a culinary filament. In a frying pan to warm up vegetable oil and fry on it a meat loaf from every quarter during  30 minutes on a middle fire,  after to shift in a deep pan and inundate boiling water so that meat was fully covered. To clean a carrot, large to cut. To clean bow, cut thick rings. To put in a pan with meat a carrot, bow, laurel sheet and pepper by a pea.
To extinguish qalca on a middle fire under a lid to readiness 30-40 minutes, after to get, give to flow to clear soup. Serving a dish up is possible both hot and cold, preliminary deleting a culinary filament and cutting a meat loaf groups.

Composition: a 600 g beef or sheepskin brisket , salt, ground black pepper, 1 teaspoon 6% vinegar, 5-6 chives, 3 tablespoon of vegetable oil, 1 middle carrot, 1 middle bulb, 2-3 laurel sheets, 5-6 peas of black pepper.