Aspic (jellied)



Widely spreaded in people dish. For his preparation use rich in gelatin meat - head, legs, tail, ears.
Beef, chicken legs or head, (it is possible also to use tails, ears) wash, inundate cold water (there is 1,5 l of water on 1 kg of meat), and cook 4-5 hours, periodically despumating. After 1-1,5 a hour to the end of cooking add julienne carrot, shredded onion and laurel sheet. Upon termination of cooking, will dissociate meat from bones, finely cut him on a hardboard, and then will put in filtered clear soup together with seasoning. Take to boiling, add a finely cut garlic, mix, pour out on piattis or forms and put in a cold place to hardening.
Give prepared jellied with horse-radish and mustard, adorning his fresh greenery!

Useful advices.

In order that the jellied was transparent it is necessary at first to bedabble the legs (head) of clock on 5, after to lay down all meat and only meat in a pan and to take to boiling, to pour out all clear soup, to wash meat, inundate again by cold water  and to cook jellied (state of suffering) about 6-7 (it is better to put in night)
Secondly, necessarily to put a carrot and onion (in a husk to clean only from overhead leaves)
Jellied it is better to salt 2 hours prior to completion of cooking, and for sex of hour to add a pepper a pea and laurel sheet.

on 1 kg of meat : for 30 gs of carrot and onion, 3-4 garlic, laurel sheet, other to liking

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