Stuffed fish


Traditionally, pike or pikeperch is used to make stuffed fish.

Carefully, trying not to injure a skin, clean fish from a scale, to cut off a head and, not cutting a belly, to take out entrails from the side of head. From a head to delete branchiaes and cut fish on transversal pieces breadthways in 4-5 sm. Carefully to wash cold water and to put them in a sieve, to give to flow of water.

Then from the pieces of fish to cut out pulp a sharp narrow knife, trying here not to injure a skin, clean bones. Intagliated pulp together with a bow and wheat bread to skip through a meat grinder 2-3 times. To add to stuffing salt, pepper, a bit sugar sand, vegetable oil, produce an egg, put the toasted onions and all is careful to mix.

To fill the skin of fish which pulp was intagliated from the prepared stuffing, to level cuts a knife, moistened in a raw egg.

Foods in a pan lay layers: on a bottom layer of the carefully washed skin of onions, after layer of the carrot cut by groups, stuffed pieces of fish, after yet layer of vegetables and from above layer of fish. In a pan to pour boiling water so that she covered fish and vegetables only, to close a lid and to put on a weak fire on 1 -1,5 hour. It is needed to watch during cooking, that vegetables and fish were not slightly burnt; in case of the stormy boiling it is necessary to weaken a fire.

To give the prepared fish for 1-2 pieces on portion with the boiled potato. To adorn a dish greenery. At a serve to the general table to take out the prepared pieces from a pan and shift on an oval dish, making them as whole fish.

This dish can be given and in a cold kind.

For stuffing of fish weighing 1,5-2.5 kg to take a 200 g of wheat bread, 200 g of bow, 1-2 carrots, tea-spoon of sugar sand, 2 eggs, soupspoon of sunflower-seed oil, pepper to liking.