Tatar Hen


To wash the manufactured trunk of hen in cold water and wholly to cook.

To clean and wash down a potato, cut tubers in half and to cook in separate tableware.

To put the prepared potato in a frying pan, on a potato put the hen cut to pieces, and from above to inundate a Tatar vegetable sauce. To close Skovoroda a lid, to put on a cooker or in a stove and to braise 30 min. Hen is served up in a frying pan and then laid out in piattis.

Similarly a Tatar duck and turkey prepare.

Ingredients: Boiled hen - 100 g, bow - 35 g, carrot - 35 g, boiled potato - 150 g, clear soup - 30 g, melted butter - 10 g, salt, pepper.

Tatar vegetable sauce

To cut the cleared slices of carrot, bow - by rings, to put in deep stewing pan, inundate clear soup and to put on a fire. After boil to add salt to liking, pepper by a pea or pepper ground, to take to readiness. 5 minutes prior to a willingness to put a laurel sheet, oil. The prepared sauce is given to the boiled meat, bird with a potato and kullama.

On 100 g of sauce : carrot - 35 g, bulb onion - 35 g, melted butter - 10 g, clear soup - 30 g, salt, pepper, laurel sheet.