Samosa prepare from unleavened dough, filling can be meat, fish, vegetable, baccate or egg.

Samosa with meat

For samosa a beef or veal befits well, in the Uzbek kitchen more frequent use mutton. You will mince a onion and meat on a meat grinder. Then will salt and pepper the turning out stuffing. Dough will divide into pieces for 50 gs roll, will lay out filling on a middle and wrap up the edges of dough in form triangles. Smear a roasting pan sunflower-seed oil and will lay out samosa in the distance one from another. Smear the surface of samosa the fluffed up egg and bake in an oven warmed-up to 200 degrees during 25 minutes.

On one samosa: a 50 g of dough, 35 g of the chopped meat, 6 g of oil, onion, pepper, salt, for greasing egg.

Samosa with an egg

Usually such samosa prepare adding rice. Cleared and washed rice steep in the salted water, scald and skip through a sieve. A bit cooling add the finely cut boiled egg and mix. Further we prepare triangles as well as for samosa with meat and bake.

On one samosa: a 50 g of unleavened dough, 25 g of rice, 1/3 eggs, 6 g of oil, pepper, salt to taste

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