Salma is flour dish as cockleshells, a very widespread among Tatars. He is prepared on meat-broth and on decoctions. Salma can be cooked with a potato, bow, carrot, peas, lentil. Salma, cooked on decoction, refuel a bow, toasted on oil. Usually salma eat with katyk.

Salma make out of wheat, buckwheat, lentil or peas flour. In a cup or on a hardboard to put flour, add eggs, put to liking salt and, pour the cooled clear soup, to knead dough, as for a noodle. To cut the prepared dough to pieces for 100 g. and to roll him in plaits in a no more than 1 sm thick, to cut ball and to lick into to them the shape of "cockleshells", pressing down a thumb the middle of every ball.

Soup from mutton with salma

To wash mutton, cut, put in a pan, fill water and to put on a fire. To put salt after 15-20 min till meat will weld. To take out the prepared meat, filter clear soup and again put on a fire. To put cut by groups carrot and bow, after - a potato. Before a potato will weld, to put salma and cook, while she will not rise to the surface.

Meat by a bone-in - a 150 g, carrot - 15 g, bulb onion - 15 g, potato - 100 g, salma ready - a 40 g, melted butter - 10 g, salt, pepper.