Tatar national dish - soft, very juicy and aromatic sausages stuffed by the different filling. As filling use a beef or byproducts. To them add rice, millet, buckwheat or oatmeal, and also onions, egg, pepper, salt, milk or broth. For a shell use the bowel of cattle, but the best of all to take beef or horse. At first process bowels, scrape off through a knife a mucous membrane and wash carefully, one end of bowel strung through a filament, after turn inside out and filling.

Rice tutyrma with a beef

A fat beef (pulp) with a onions mince by a meat grinder, in stuffing an egg, pepper, salt lies down and all of carefully mixed. Add the small amount of milk or cold broth and raw or boiled preliminary washed rice. Filling must be liquid. 2/3 treated bowels are further filled the prepared filling and an open end is strung. Filling tutyrma to the end is not necessary, because at cooking of croup boiled by soft, and a bowel can be torn. The stuffed bowel ties down to the rolling-pin, goes down in a pan with the boiling added some salt water and is boiling 30-40 minutes. At a desire prepared tutyrma can be cut by portions and toasted with fat on a frying pan or in an oven.  A dish is given in a hot kind with ayran, cold katyk or beef infusion broth.

On 1 kg of meat : a 100 g of rice, 100 g of onions, 300-400 g of cold broth, salt and pepper to liking.

Tutyrma with byproducts

To process byproducts (liver, heart, lungs), finely to cut, add a onions and skip through a meat grinder. To add a pepper, salt, egg and all is careful to mix, after to dilute milk or cooled broth, to put rice (buckwheat groats) and, mixing, to stuff a bowel, tie up. Filling for tutyrma must be liquid. To cook the same as and tutyrma with a beef. It is possible tutyrma to prepare only with one liver and with groats. Tutyrma from byproducts is considered a delicacy, she is given as the second dish. Usually she is cut by groups and beautifully lay on a dish. To serve tutyrma up in a hot kind.

On 1 kg of byproducts : a 100 g of rice or 120 g of buckwheat groats, egg, 100 g of onions, 300-400 g of milk or broth, salt and pepper to liking.