• Painting Article Count: 65

    Tatar artists, biographies, pictures

    Today pictures of the Tatar artists take a worthy place in world painting and along with works of world famous masters decorate our world and do it more perfectly. We offer will get acquainted with the most known representatives of the Tatar art schools

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  • Wallpapers Article Count: 6

    Tatar wallpapers

    The Tatar pictures on a computer desktop. In section collections of wall-paper of the Tatar subjects are presented.


  • Tatar arts Article Count: 14

    Tatar visual art

    The section acquaints readers with ancient and modern Tatar visual art, a national ornament, a pattern, colour.

    Tatar leather mosaic, Tatar national musical instruments, Tatar dance, Tatar coins, Shamails, Tatar ornaments, Tatar ichigi, Tubeteika, Kalfak, Tatar national suit, Tatar embellishments, Tatar mosque, Namazlik


  • Photo Article Count: 8

    Tatar photographers.

    In a foot the Tatar photographers in due course walk, without conceding in the art to other attendants of culture. We bring to attention of readers collections of works of the most interesting masters of a photo of pictures, and also their author's biographies.