Hello friends!

Hello the respected visitors of portal My house!

You have got to unusual Internet place. The site represents the house with all everyday attributes inherent in it. This original housekeeping than that reminds ours with you houses, in it is both kitchen and a drawing room and a room nursery. Well and as builders of this house inhabitants of Tatarstan it is natural that in the house all is impregnated by national colour of one of the greatest people of Great Russia. Having visited our house you learn a lot of interesting about Tatars their culture, a way of life. We hope that our hospitable virtual construction will not leave you indifferent and your mood becomes though a little better, and you will feel to yourselves full owners of this house in which it will by all means want to you will return again and again. 

Ground floor

In a living room we with pleasure will place materials sanctified to the domestic pets and room plants.

A kitchen is a division the recipes of the Tatar national kitchen are collected in which. Authorized on a site you can publish the original novelties also.

Room of rest (sleeping room) - here you can find cross-words on different themes. Works of author of site are as an example published. Send it with gladness we will place your creations. A publication is possible on three languages.

A nursery is divided into three parts. In the first the original photos of children of busy are accepted by creative activity. Colorations it can unseal which for itself and occupy the children interesting and enthralling business are placed in the second. The Tatar national fairy-tales are published in the third.

Wall of our house is a division where the users of site can leave the remarks and wishes which are so needed for the improvement of project

In a toilet room you will be able to trim up, reading the interesting articles on a theme a cosmeticology, hair-dos and all that is related to your original appearance.

First floor

The first floor (up menu) of our house includes divisions: games (here you can play in most popular flash of game), division of verses (we publish your creations sanctified to love, motherland, lives etc. Authorial works are also placed here), division stories for talents of trying itself in prose, the division is sanctified to the dictionaries, the division of picture includes collections of creative works of different authors and directions and finally a music division is sanctified to the lovers of different musical directions.

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